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Visual Paradigm

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Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a powerful, cross-platform and yet easy-to-use design and management tool for IT systems. Visual Paradigm provides software developers the cutting edge development platform to build quality applications faster, better and cheaper! It facilitates excellent interoperability with other CASE tools and most of the leading IDEs which excels your entire Model-Code-Deploy development process in this one-stop-shopping solution.

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Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

System: 64 bit

Visual Paradigm

UML modeling

You can draw all kinds of UML 2.x diagrams in Visual Paradigm‘s uml tools, which include:

Agile development

Apply UeXceler, an agile development methodology in your software project. UeXceler comes with both the theory and principles, and a set of applicable agile tools that help you build software system in an agile way. It features agile tools like user story map and Affinity Table, plus UX design tools like storyboard and wireframes, etc.

Database design

You can draw the following kinds of diagrams to aid in database modeling:

You can model not only database table, but also stored procedure, triggers, sequence and database view in an ERD.

Besides drawing an ERD from scratch, you can reverse engineer a diagram from an existing database.

Besides diagramming, you can also synchronize between class diagram and entity relationship diagram to maintain the consistency between them.

SQL generation ane execution feature is available for producing and executing SQL statement from model instantly.

Business process modeling

You can draw the following kinds of diagrams to aid in business process modeling:

Object-Relational mapping

Object-Relational Mapping enables you to access relational database in an object relational approach when coding. Visual Paradigm generates object-relational mapping layer which incorporates features such as transaction support, pluggable cache layer, connection pool and customizable SQL statement.

Team collaboration

For users that work as a team, team collaboration support lets you perform modeling collaboratively and concurrently with any one of the following tools or technologies:

  • VP Teamwork Server (Need to buy Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server separately)

Documentation production

Develop system specification quickly with Doc. Composer. A full set of customizable document templates are ready for you.