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Matlab for Linux 2020

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Matlab Linux Package

Programming language

MATLAB is a proprietary multi-paradigm programming language and numeric computing environment developed by MathWorks. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages.

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Operating System: Linux

Product language: Multilanguage

System: 64 bit


mathworks installation help

Matlab Linux Package Contains:

MATLAB Product Family


  • Live Editor Controls: Link variables to drop-down items and slider values to create dynamic controls in live scripts
  • Create Plot Live Editor Task: Create plots interactively and generate code
  • Name=Value Syntax: Use name=value syntax for passing name-value arguments to functions
  • Class Diagram Viewer: Create graphical class diagrams to explore class hierarchy and class details

MATLAB Web App Server

  • Policy-Based Access: Specify a policy to control access to individual folders of web apps

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox

  • Electromagnetic Analysis: Solve 2-D electrostatic and magnetostatic problems

Symbolic Math Toolbox

  • Symbolic Matrix Variables: Perform linear algebra calculations on symbolic matrix variables represented in a compact form

AI, Data Science, and Statistics

Deep Learning Toolbox

  • Experiment Manager: Minimize coding using preconfigured templates and train with custom training loops
  • TensorFlow Importer: Import sequential and functional API models into MATLAB

Reinforcement Learning Toolbox

  • Reinforcement Learning Designer: Design, train, and simulate agents using a visual interactive workflow

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Machine Learning Apps: Evaluate models on held-out test data and fit fully connected neural nets in Classification Learner and Regression Learner
  • Interpretability: Interpret complex models using Shapley values to obtain model-agnostic explanations
  • Prediction Blocks in Simulink: Simulate and generate C/C++ code for decision trees and ensembles of trees

Text Analytics Toolbox

  • BERT Transformer Models: Use BERT models for tasks such as text classification, summarization, and sentiment analysis


Automated Driving Toolbox

  • Share driving scenarios using the ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.0 format
  • Create driving scenarios from road data imported from the Zenrin Japan Map API 3.0 (Itsumo NAVI API 3.0) service

AUTOSAR Blockset

  • Use Simulink bus ports to model AUTOSAR message-based communication, export-function based runnable entities, variant conditions, and nonvirtual buses
  • Import and export ARXML files with execution order constraints for software component runnable entities at the architecture (VFB) level

IEC Certification Kit

  • ISO 26262 ADAS Example: Learn how to use Simulink to design, implement, and verify an ADAS application according to ISO 26262:2018


  • Super-elevation tool to manipulate banking angles along roads

RoadRunner Scene Builder

  • Import signs, poles, and barriers from HERE HD Live Maps

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

  • Import custom meshes and control vehicle lighting in Unreal Engine vehicle enhancements
  • Control weather and sun position in Unreal Engine scenes

Vehicle Network Toolbox

  • CAN and CAN FD Explorer Apps: Decode CAN and CAN FD messages and visualize CAN and CAN FD bus traffic without writing MATLAB code

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image Processing Toolbox

  • Process 2-D, 3-D, and N-D images that are too large to fit in memory
  • Code generation: Enhanced execution speed for code generated from several functions
  • Image Processing Onramp: Learn the basics of practical image processing techniques in MATLAB

Computer Vision Toolbox

  • Support for labeling and deep learning with arbitrarily large images

Lidar Toolbox

  • Use the Lidar Camera Calibrator App for calibrating lidar and camera sensors to estimate rigid transformations